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90% of bloggers will say that they started blogging as a hobby.

But, I wanted to work with SEO, Digital marketing on my own, and that is how I started blogging.

So, from the very first I knew that I wanted to earn my living from it.

It was not easy coz’ all I knew was a bit of SEO and there is a hell lot of other stuff which I needed to study before I could start earning anything from it.

If you are just starting with earnings in mind, then probably you will get disappointed as earnings will not come from Day 1.

My first earning came from Adsense in March 2018, whereas I started blogging in March 2017.

So, it was exactly after a year that I could see some penny rolling in.

If you have a product to sell and building a blog around it to promote, then that is the best thing you could do with a website I must say.

Apart from that, earning comes at an early stage of blogging when you are providing some client services.

If you are interested in providing client services then check out Fiverr to get ideas of what kinda services that could be.

Right now there are millions of bloggers who blog daily speaking about topics they know or are constantly exploring. So, basically sharing experiences, giving new ideas, arts-crafts, cooking, fitness goals, nutrition, science projects, and many others.

The ‘topic’ is what is known as a niche.

Your niche decides many things.

If you are choosing a health and fitness niche just because people search more about it then it will not go long run as you will run out of ideas.

So, build something in which you are enjoying writing and are ready to explore more on the topic.


IF YOU WANT TO START A BLOG AND MAKE MONEY FROM IT then focusing on SEO and Pinterest will keep you going good for a blogger.

When you are well versed in the above two then you can focus on your own email campaign and affiliate marketing.

Unlike a company or brand that needs to focus on:

  • SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever platform that suits best for their product).
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing



(Just in case you are over-whelmed)

  1. Setting up your site
  2. 7 On-Page SEO to do with every blog post before you publish
  3. Set up your Pinterest Account
  4. Write at least 25 blog posts before you start getting mad at yourself that you are not seeing any results (It’s Easy).


Here are 6 steps to start a blog which includes:

  • Deciding your niche
  • Choosing your blogging platform
  • Choosing a domain name
  • Finding a web host
  • Installing WordPress and choosing a theme
  • Start Blogging

While finding a web host I always recommend using Siteground, and why I do so you can see in How to install WordPress on Siteground with a detailed view of site ground benefits and step-by-step installation of WordPress.

Once you have installed your WordPress then here are 9 steps that you should definitely follow, which you make you seem a professional blogger other than a beginner.

NO. There is no harm in showing as a beginner. But these steps eventually you will have to follow so it is better you do it from the very beginning.


If you are struggling with installing themes and plugins then go for:



-Part of SEO

The next step which you should definitely do is creating a sitemap and submitting it to search engines.

What happens if you are not creating it manually is that it may take a longer period of time to get your blog listed in the search engines.

When you have started a blog then definitely want to get displayed on Google and others.

Here are the steps which I would like to call the First SEO steps which you should definitely take.

I know Google accounts for 90% of the searches but submitting sitemaps to Bing never hurts.

This is my Bing organic traffic in the month of March 2019.

So why would I leave 2800 visitors by not submitting a sitemap?


Once you are done with submitting sitemaps to search engines then I highly recommend a free plugin called Yoast.

Yoast is a boon for a beginner blogger. I still do not understand how it is not charged.

Well, in Yoast you can edit your post’s meta descriptions, do a content analysis, and check your post’s SEO scenario.

Here is a detailed Yoast SEO keyword analysis which you should read before starting with Yoast Plugin.

Note: Yoast is not the only SEO you will need. The yoast plugin just gives you a better hand on-page SEO factors.



Or should I call it only Online Marketing?

As I already said that for bloggers it is better to concentrate on only SEO and any 1 social media platform. (& I hugely recommend using Pinterest).

Once you have started writing posts and maintaining a balance of the Yoast SEO plugin then the next step I should say to take care of On-Page and Off-page SEO.

These are the two SEO factors that you should check for each of your posts.

Well, somehow I drifted to SEO which is one of the strongest parts of Digital Marketing.

SEO takes time to show results. So, if you are craving website visitors then start using Social Media.

It’s 2020 and Social Media’s impact cannot be ignored. In fact, it is slowly becoming one big industry.

Google has also started taking Pinterest’s popularity as one of its algorithm factors. So now if one of your posts is highly shared and popular on Pinterest, then it is likely to show up in Google too.

Well, here are 10 steps to create an amazing Pinterest Business Account Profile to get the most number of shares on Pinterest.

When I started out, Pinterest accounted for 100% of website visitors. Even now it accounts for 80% of my website visitors.

This is my Google Analytics data for the month of March.

start a blog

You should definitely check out on Pinterest.



Here is where most of the blogger gets interested and frustrated as well.

Definitely, if you are starting a blog with earning in mind then you will want this monetized site to come asap.

Blogging is interesting and an unending pool of creating new content and marketing it on the platform where your visitors are.

When it comes to monetization then one of the easiest ways to earn from a blog is Ad Monetization. 

Mediavine is an ad company that accepts your blog (Definitely your blog has to contain only original content) once you reach the threshold of 25000 visitors a month.

Adthrive is a company that requires 100000 visitors a month.


Affiliate marketing just seconds it for earning from a blog.

Affiliate earning is much more than displaying ads but that will require you to write proper affiliate posts and also do email marketing in a structured way.

With less amount of traffic, you can always start with affiliate marketing, email marketing, and providing client services.

But definitely more the website traffic, more is the more conversions.

But do not get crazy about website traffic, just start blogging and enjoy your journey.

A Pro Tip: Do not leave your Day job until your money starts rolling in 😀

So, this is how to start a blog.

I hope you have got a glimpse of it.

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