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12 Easy SEO Ranking Factors to get the Hold On

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If you google for online marketing SEO services or any search engine optimization firm, you will see that there are many expert SEO companies.

The experienced Google SEO consultants will provide you with effective SEO services.

We can also learn to be an SEO experts in due time and but at first, we need to start with some basic search engine optimization techniques.


Here are 12 SEO ranking factors that are useful SEO for bloggers and SEO for beginners.


seo ranking factors



Search Engine Optimization is the process that determines the ranking and visibility of our site in search engines.

The higher the site is optimized for given keywords, the higher the chances of getting a good ranking in search engines and hence it draws more visitors.

Blogging without any visitors is really painful. I know & it is obvious that all successful bloggers will start with zero on day 1 🙂


But what can we do now? The answer is proper to search engine optimization technique.

When you search for a particular question or subject do you ever go beyond the 1st page of Google?

I am sure the answer is NO. In fact, 99% of users tend to click only on the sites which are displayed on the first pages of search engines. Getting visitors from search engines is known as Organic Traffic which contributes 70% of visitors to any particular website or webpage.


seo ranking factors


What are the factors which affect SEO?

Well, there are about 200 factors that Google takes into account for ranking a post. But to name a few it is the backlinkskeyword density, fresh content, and crawling of bots. 



The first SEO ranking factor is having enough backlinks. Backlinks are really important for your site ranking. Backlinks define your page and domain authority.

Acquire as many backlinks as you can to get posts ranked in search engines.



backlinks to your site


Some of the easy ways to get back-links are:


Keyword density helps us to rank our site for particular SEO phrases.

keyword density seo ranking factors


Though keyword density does not matter as much as it used to be. But proper placements of keywords are very much necessary to rank our posts.

You can find more about using proper Keyword Density here.


Site speed is one of the factors which matters. If your loading time is huge then probably you are lagging behind a number of sites in your niche.

Loading speed also matters to retain your users as they will probably leave your page if it takes too long to load. 


You can test your website speed at the Website speed test,  SEO site checkup, and WebPage Test.


Tip: The first step to decreasing site loading time is to use compressed images on your post which make your web page reasonably lighter.


Including the keyword in URLs is a vital step in the search engine optimization technique.  A user always checks the URL keywords before clicking on the links.


keyword in urls


You can read the Ideal setup of focus keywords with the Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin will help you to put your keywords in the proper places in your post.


Google likes URLs with hyphen separators. If you write your URL keywords at a full stretch then it will hinder the readability of your users.

NOTE: Single URL to content is always way ahead of multiple URLs pointing to the same content. If you have developed any multiple links to your content then learn to avoid the canonical issue ( Just wanted to put a bit of advanced SEO :))


compatibilty of devices


We are at a stage where people surf the internet from all the mediums possible. It is not only the desktop that contributes to the highest percentage of viewers.

All the trendy technical devices contribute equally in terms of usage. It is very necessary for your site to be compatible with mobile, tab, desktop, and any other gadgets.


Check how Social shares matter for search engine rankings.

Your social profile may rank in search engines. Social media these days plays a vital role as a 2/3rd population is using social networks regularly.

If you write content that people will like, share re-tweet, and Re-pin then it is likely for your profile to rank in search engines.


social media for seo ranking factors


Check the example below.

The Pinterest profile is itself ranking in the 1st position of the Google search for ‘Birthday decoration ideas’. 

keywords in urls



Page and Domain authority is a concept of MOZ rank and it is a logarithmic scale score of a hundred points. You can check your site’s page and domain authority in Check Page Rank.



page domain authority


Domain authority is the power of your domain as a whole and Page authority is the power of a single page on your site.

Usually, your site homepage has the highest page authority as people tend to link on the homepage usually. 



You can also affect the SEO in such a way that it starts decreasing your value in search engines. Your page rank may deteriorate sufficiently if you are not paying attention to some of the basic factors.


Keyword stuffing is a good search engine optimization technique but if it is overdone it will affect the SEO negatively.

Keyword density if done right then it is the strongest point for ranking but keyword stuffing including phrases with a list of words irrelevant to the content will give poor user experience as well as poor visibility of the site to search engines.

keyword stuffing
Example: We sell wooden fences with lovely wooden decorations in wooden panels and wooden structures for wooden houses. Enough of wood now!


Any standard website is likely to have no more than 3 ads on a page.

You can surely set your ads to earn more or to show relevant ads but do not make your site fussy with ads. The sites which use many ads where the content itself is so hard to find are a definite sign of negative SEO.

ads placement

I have checked out many pages where you can not even find the next button in a slideshow post. So what will your users do then? Simply leave your page and never visit again.


We our-self only create duplicate content by various methods. Checkhow duplicate content is formed and how to avoid them using re-direction, and canonical URLs.

When we create multiple duplicate contents for our particular blog posts then the search engine gets confused, about which to rank better and ultimately settles for the lowered page rankings of our original post.


canonical urls

You should select ‘preferred domain in the search console’ to tell the search engine whether to use www before your domain name. 



Spamming will lead you nowhere and will affect the SEO considerably. Do not put your links on every site you visit or put your links with automated software in the hope of more traffic to your site.
link spam
Do not use paid links as most of them are spam links. Buying links will not make Google rank your pages. Never buy links as Paid links are detectable and you can be penalized if you are using such.


Today is an age of excellent content so if you start writing below-average content then that will also penalize your rankings.

This is also termed as ‘thin content’ by Google Panda update in 2011 and was penalized in rankings and search visibility as they were similar to spam content and does not contribute any valuable information to its users.

thin content

Write user-engaging content and help your users to solve their problems. Why should anyone visit your site if you are not solving their queries?



Your web page rank depends both on positive and negative factors.

Optimizing your site to rank well in search engines for a particular keyword can be rewarding. But if you stuff keywords more than required then it will have a negative effect as well.

Always be sure that your site is crawl-able before applying to any other SEO methods.

Focus on building trust with your visitors. Always provide quality content. Even if you rank higher in search engines by proper search engine optimization techniques then also you will not succeed as a blogger( a hard truth) if you cannot provide a user-friendly experience.


SEO Ranking Factors

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