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How to be Productive for the Week


I started writing on sites as I was keen on speaking about SEO. Very soon I got engrossed with it and started up my own blog.

But I released blogging is not a piece of cake and there’s a hell lot of time management required to keep up the pace with everything around. Even you need separate time for social media strategies, marketing your content, and most importantly writing.

Time management became an essential part of my life. I know if I do not plan in advance my productivity is likely to drop.

If you are really busy with your life then you need to be very strategic on how you spend your time.

When you plan your weekdays before the week starts, it will automatically lead you to a more productive and organized week.



how to be productive

Checking in the last week will make you feel excited about the tasks which you accomplished, plus it’s an opportunity to see if you are lagging behind in any field.

Scanning of your last week will also help to have a productive week because if you are still messed up with last week’s work then you can not concentrate on the present one.

Check if you have any to-do list un-ticked. See if it is still relevant. If it is still required then you can add them to this week’s priority to-do’s.

Cleaning up the last week clutter is very important to set the right mindset for a productive week.

Keep your home clean and tidy to make your mind organized. See if any cluttered work is left, then complete that first and then start scheduling your week fresh.



how to be productive

Setting up weekly priority tasks is better than daily to do’s in a way. Daily to-dos will help you to complete your task hurriedly while a weekly priority, set prior to the starting of the week will make you more focused on the goals to achieve.

Though I always have my daily to-do’s as without it I feel I have lost my direction. While the weekly priorities set helps me to write down the daily to-do’s much easier.

Rank everything in order. Whether it is making a phone call, meeting someone or some queries which need to be solved.

It is always better to schedule your priorities ahead than to feel stressed out at the end feeling that you did not do this or could not complete that.



how to be productive

Once your priorities are set, now start with your weekly planner. It will simply allow you to keep track of your goals throughout the week.

A weekly planner should be the outline of your productive week.

Your weekly planner does not have to be any fancy bullet journal. You can just write it on a regular weekly routine.

Jot down everything you need to do this week. Keep the planner handy.

If you want to check some weekly bullet journal ideas then here it is.



how to be productive

When deadlines are set by others, it is irritating. But when you set yourself with some deadline, trust me you will get more productive.

Setting deadlines for own self will not get you to exasperate but will make you more excited to complete the work on time.

Set some realistic deadlines. I am not saying you to set a 3 days deadline for a work you know cannot be completed in a month or giving a deadline of 5 days which you know can be done by Monday itself. So set something logical and realistic.



how to be productive

Do you spend a lot of time to decide what to wear? Every morning we do not have anything to wear :D. Well, it is a normal situation and everybody pass through this stress.

We rush to work every morning and wasting time is just not an option.

So why not just decide what to wear for this week, not wasting time anymore each day.

It will make your week SUPER PRODUCTIVE by saving a LOT of time. Just set it as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so on.

This simple act of planning your outfits in advance will make your life more EASY and QUICK.



how to be productive

Just like deciding your outfits in advance, deciding your meals also tends to save a lot of your time.

If you are at short of time then you need not decide on a different menu each day. You can repeat your breakfasts and dinners with little variation of lunches.

I know eating more or less the same meals for a week can be boring but you can always change your meal plan for the next week. It makes your life simpler.

So make your meals plan and go out for grocery shopping and grab the ingredients.

You can also store a 2-3 days meal prepared and stored in the refrigerator. Or can have something like overnight oats to simplify your life. But always do eat fresh.

You can check this weekly meal plans




Now some time for yourself 🙂

Go ahead. Set a time for a book to read or a movie to watch.

Each day you should have some 15-20 minutes of time dedicated to yourself. It is an essential part to make you feel more productive. Without a downtime, you can never have an energetic day.

You can take a bubble bath, make a delicious meal, make some body-care cream and so on.

Check out 30 ways to self-care.



Now you need to put your lazy Sundays on a bit of work. Just schedule your week for half n hour and you are all set to rock your week.

If you have gone through all the points in details then this is just a wrap up for things to do.

  1. Clear up your last week’s mess
  2. Prioritize your tasks
  3. Start straight away with your weekly planner
  4. Set up the deadlines
  5. Decide your weekday’s outfits in advance
  6. Plan your meals
  7. Make time to relax each day


Time Management is the beginning of an organized & successful blog.

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