Submit URL to Bing Search Engine

SUBMIT URL TO BING SEARCH ENGINE If you have already created an XML sitemap with Google then I hope the concept of sitemap is clear to you. If you have not yet then you must check how to index your blog immediately in Google. Well, Bing is yet another search […]

7 Simple On Page SEO checklist you can never avoid

ON PAGE SEO CHECKLIST Seo marketing heavily depends on on-page seo optimization. For professional bloggers, the ultimate goal of blogging is to get visitors whether from social media or organic. While organic traffic is a bit harder to get but with a proper on-page optimization you can easily attract a […]

How to Get Your Website on Google Immediately

How to get your website on Google?’ ‘How to get on First page of Google?’ ‘How to submit URL to Google?’. Well, these are common questions which will come to your mind when you are starting fresh. Trillion to the power infinity blog posts are made every day. So do […]

How to change GoDaddy Nameservers?

Before we head on to change nameservers on GoDaddy we should know what is a nameserver in brief. A concise about DNS as well as required. WHAT IS A DNS SERVER? DNS(Domain Name System) server is the software holding massive database which manages and maps the website names along with […]