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When I started blogging, I was reluctant in buying any courses or e-books.

So, many of us go through this phase of not being aware, that some courses could actually help us and accelerate our blogging success.

Everything is on the internet but, it will take time for you to learn and implement them.

Sometimes you do not even know which roadmap to follow.

I have wasted money on a few blogging courses and some of the courses made my blogging journey easier.

I am not going to mention the books which I consider to be a money wastage (that too expensive ones) but the e-books and resources which I highly recommend for any starter.



Web Hosting

This is not a course definitely.

This is a hosting service that I highly recommend.

The cheapest and with the best customer care engineers I have come through.

Whether you are having a problem with SSL certificates or setting up your site at any point of time, they are always there 24*7.

If you have not purchased your hosting yet then I highly recommend you to go for SiteGround.

Avail the SiteGround hosting at $3.95/month here.

Check why should you go for the site ground hosting service and how to install it in just 10 minutes.



blogging resources

This should be a big game-changer for bloggers.

As I say that bloggers should focus on SEO and any 1 social media channel at the initial blogging stage (6-12 months).

This book is about pinning manually.

If you have never come across Pinterest then check how to create Pinterest Business Account in 10 steps effectively to drive traffic to the site.

There are many social media schedulers and Tailwind is one of them.

Tailwind does its job well and charges around $120 annually.

You can create an account and get 1 month of free Tailwind here.

But Carly discusses the strategies you can take to pin manually directly from Pinterest without any schedulers.

I receive somewhat 200000 visitors monthly from Pinterest alone.

Must thank Carly for that.

Check out her amazing Pinteresting strategies.

Even if you decide to go for any scheduler later on, still I would suggest reading this book as it actually describes how the Pinterest algorithm works and its changing scenario.

Pinterest algorithm changes a lot and you always have to keep an eye on which strategy can work for your site.



blogging resources

This is a course and a community as well by Paul Scrivens.

Blog simple framework consists of:

  • Blog simple SEO
  • Blog simple Pinterest
  • Revenue Engines
  • Content Creation
  • Affiliate Marketing and many more

The MOST important factor is that it provides a Slack community for free where you will get a community of bloggers all going through the same journey and a super helpful community manager Marybeth.

Check out his FREE master blogging workshop of pure blogging knowledge.




For any of your design purposes, you can always use Canva.

Whether it is an email brochure, Instagram post, logo or a Pinterest pin.

It is very easy to create beautiful images in Canva.

Try the free Canva here.


If anything else comes up to my mind, the tools or resources that have immensely helped me in my blogging journey so far, I would surely add it here. Whether free or paid versions.


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