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7 Best Blogging platform Everyone Should Know

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When we start blogging we feel like searching for all the free blog sites.

Few free blog sites are good enough to start a blog for free as a hobby.

When we start caring about our blogs and think of them as a business model then definitely should take the blog sites which we can customize and improvise at every level.

Here goes the list of the 7 best blogging platforms, their comparisons, features, and price.



We had a vivid discussion about the differences between and Check that out first if you have not checked it out yet.

Let’s see it at a glance once more.


Much easier to use as the site is maintained by

You do not need to care about backups and updates as WordPress staff are there to see it all.


You cannot do any ad monetization here except AdWords. You cannot sell your ad space or get partnered with exclusive ad companies like Mediavine or AdThrive.

You cannot install any WordPress plugins or themes in the free version.


  • Start Free (Very limited customizations)
  • Personal – Professional accounts ranging between $26- $141 yearly.

Professional accounts are the ones where you can take your blog as a business in the real sense.

E-Commerce sites at $1470 yearly. (Seems quite pricey to me).

I truly suggest you read its entire features for each type of account in the difference between and 



Nearly 70% of bloggers use because of the ease of customization and thousands of free plugins and themes.

You can make e-commerce sites, forums, membership sites, or any kind of sites using this


Can install any plugins or themes.

Can sell ad space or partner with exclusive advertising companies.

Can use Google Analytics and check real-time data.

Can build any kind of site a blogger needs, e-commerce, or membership sites.


Have to maintain own site, back up, and optimization.

PRICING itself is free but you need a domain name and a hosting plan to run.

You can get a site ground hosting as cheap as $3.95 per month.



Blogging platform

If you have no idea what blogging is then you can make a free Google account (as it is a free service by Google) and create a blogger account.


Blogger is free.

You do not need to have any technical expertise.


Very limited applications.

Very few templates or themes are available.

Your blog can get suspended anytime without warning as Google owns it.


Blogger is free as said before. It only comes with a suffix like

You can also have a custom domain name at $20-$25 a year.



If you do not want to build any typical blogging site then this is the next best option to build a website to showcase your products or any other simple website.


Constant Contact will host your site so no need for a separate hosting service.

Easy drag-and-drop website builder.

Free domain and SSL certificate for all paid plans.


Limited plugins and themes.

Difficult to export data from constant contact to another platform.


Very simple pricing plans to understand.

Free: Basic analytics, business websites, blog, eCommerce store.

Starter @ $10/month: Phone support, free domain, SSL certificate.

Business @ $20/month: Advanced eCommerce Tools.



Squarespace creates some really beautiful professional websites.

Squarespace is the most popular one after WordPress.


Easy drag website building feature with beautiful professional templates.

You do not have to be technically well to do.

Supports SSL and HTTPS certificates.


Very limited features and tools.

This is why most regular bloggers shift to WordPress after a certain period of time.

Check here how to switch from Squarespace to WordPress.


Personal Website: $16/month

Business: $26/month

Online stores: From $26-$40 per month


6. WIX

Wix too has millions of users. It creates a stunning website without any technical knowledge.


Lots of templates and plugins are available.

Easy drag-drop tools.

No technical skills are required.


Shows Wix branding and ads on your site in the free version.

The biggest hurdle for me was that once I select a template, it cannot be changed further.

E-commerce is only for paid plans.

Limited plugins to use.


Premium website: $29 /month for free hosting and domain, free support, and analytics.




Hostgator is a popular web hosting company and the gator is created by Hostgator.

With its drag-and-drop tools, you can create a blog, an online store, or a business site.


Quick setup, easy to customize with drag-drop tools.

Free domain and SSL certificate provided.

Backups and security are taken care of by Hostgator.


E-commerce sites only for higher-paid plans.

Limited apps and extensions.


No free account.

From $3.46- $8.40 per month for Gator website builder.


My Take On Blogging Platforms: Go for if you wanna be a full-time blogger.

If you just want to build up a site to showcase products in a beautiful theme then constant contact is the best option.

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